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"This is to say ‘thank you’ for your fantastic slimming and toning treatments. I have always suffered from a circulation problem which consequently has added to my cellulite problem on my thighs.

Over the years I have tried different treatments to try and get rid of the dreaded cellulite and have only had any real success with your treatment of lymphatic drainage air pressure and the cellulite removal treatment using the electro conductive belts. I found the lymphatic drainage cleared a lot of my cellulite and by also having the cellulite removal treatment it was possible to rid myself of the deep-rooted cellulite I have had for more than twenty years. I particularly enjoy the lymphatic drainage computrised air pressure massage as it is relaxing and slimming benefit is an added plus.

Getting rid of my lumpy thighs has increased my self esteem and this treatment has the added bonus that apart from the beauty and vanity side of it, by clearing the toxins from my body it is also a health exercise.
Thanks so much Joanna."

Kind Regards
Merrill R. 3rd March 1998

“After feeling lethargic, drained and basically drab, I searched the Yellow Pages to find a cure. Joanna’s was the first and only number I called. She offered a Dead Sea mud mask and her lymphatic drainage slimming treatment at an affordable price.
The slimming treatment worked wonderfully. I lost after my first session a total of 26 cms. It’s no wonder I felt so tired, carrying all those extra volumes of toxins and water around. What is even better is that I’ve continued to lose a further 8-12 cms after each subsequent treatment. The Appearance Body Sculpting Cream works wonderful, my skin feels smooth and firm. HOPE YOU TRY IT – IT WORKS.

I do recommended doing the duration of 10 treatments and if you’re keen, brave the acupuncture on your hunger point to curb your appetite.

Joanna is a lovely, positive, honest and caring person who provides a number of excellent beauty and slimming treatments. She takes pride in helping you relax, rebuild and replenish your mind and soul and I wish her all the success in the future.

Yours sincerely
Janna B. 26th July 1999
“ I have tried virtually everything to lose the weight I put on during my pregnancy. I was in Desperation Stage, because every time I looked in the mirror, I did not like what I saw. So I looked in the Yellow Pages and came across Joanna’s Clinic. I telephoned and spoke with Joanna and made an appointment to see her that week.

Joanna Recommended having the Lymphatic Drainage Computerised Air Pressure Treatment and the Muscle Refirming by Electro Stimulation together for the best result.

I was amazing that just after one treatment how many centimeters I lost. It was a total of 19 cm. I was just over the moon, because I have finally found a treatment that delivers results. I have had a few treatments and the centimeters just keep falling of.

Joanna is an amazing lady and I would like to say Thank You Joanna. She has been so supportive and enthusiastic with me in the fight to lose weight and regain my figure that I have before I had my son. Joanna is such a warm, trusting and beautiful person and has the time to listen and offer advice to you.

I would recommended Joanna’s Beauty, Slimming & Acupuncture Clinic to everyone, as there is a treatment for all (men, women, children and babies).

Also I recently had the Joanna’s Deluxe Facial and it was so relaxing and lovely. IT has been a few years since my last facial, but this is the best facial I have had and would strongly recommended this to anyone who wants their skin look and feel good.
In the future I will be having more of Joanna’s treatment, because it is money well spent on yourself. "

Rita Horton 1st November 2000
19 Swinburne Street, Lutwyche. Phone (07) 3857 5722

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